Summertime Peaches

Lately, I’ve developed a new found love for gardening. I find it truly peacefull and relaxing. My husband and I started a small garden in our backyard and something about watching the plants and seeds we’ve planted grow and blossom is so rewarding. It’s immensely satisfying to see your crops grow and to later pick the crops you’ve planted yourself.

I’ve come to understand that gardening is good for the soul. It’s a great way to connect with nature, it gives you the true feeling of achievement and is an overall rewarding experience to share your crops with friends and family. These are the beautiful and sweet peaches from my tree.5D64AF20-0918-4185-8ECE-A4E8A3A04F67

Now, I’m looking forward for October to pick the pumpkins we’ve planted.


Author: lifestyleologie

We’re best friends from Los Angeles conquering the world one day at a time. Join us as we share our love for fashion, beauty, simple recipes and all things that make us smile.

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