Beauty Links


From bold eyebrows to celebrity hair styling secrets, here are all the links we are loving this week.

  1. Want bold natural looking eyebrows, follow these simple steps to up your brow game.  (
  2. Follow these awesome beauty tricks to instantly look better in pictures. (
  3. Tired of your sensitive eyes always looking red and feeling dry and itchy when you apply mascara, these tricks will totally help you out. (
  4. Flavored water seems to be all the rage nowadays. Listed here are the many health and wellness reasons why we should drink cucumber water. (
  5. Here are some of Kim K’s secrets to always having perfect hair. Love her or hate her, let’s admit her hair always looks pretty. (

Author: lifestyleologie

We’re best friends from Los Angeles conquering the world one day at a time. Join us as we share our love for fashion, beauty, simple recipes and all things that make us smile.

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