Skittles Vodka

imageInspired by Pinterest, vodka infused with Skittles is as delicious as it looks. Try out this fun and easy recipe for your next gathering. Serve chilled, over ice or mix it up for a delicious cocktail.


 Here’s what you’ll need




Large bag of Skittles








Your favorite vodka







5 empty water bottles & flasks






Funnel, measuring cup, paper towels & rubber band






imageSeparate the Skittles by flavor and fill the bottles.

imageAdd one cup of vodka to each bottle of Skittles.

imageLet vodka and Skittles infusion sit over night or until the Skittles have completely dissolved. To help speed up the process, shake the bottles. The more you shake the sooner they’ll dissolve.

Once the Skittles have dissolved, you’ll notice a white substance floating on top of the vodka. You’ll need to strain the mixture in order to get rid of the gunky stuff.

imagePlace funnel in measuring cup and secure a paper towel with rubber band over the measuring cup.

imagePour the dissolved Skittles and vodka infusion over the paper towel. You’ll begin to notice the gunk collecting on top of the paper towel. (You may have to change the paper towel a few times to help the vodka seep through the paper towel faster. We had to change the paper towel 3 times).

imageAfter the mixture has been strained, you’ll have a gunk free infusion. Use a funnel to pour the infused drink into the flask.

Repeat all the steps for each flavor.

imageStore the drinks in the freezer for a few hours or over night and…

“Taste the Rainbow”


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  1. wow, love the color. could definitely have served this at a cinco de mayo party. they look like margaritas. will need to make a batch once it warms up here (in london!).

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