Flowers In A Birdcage

imageFresh flowers around the house always seem to brighten up my day. Whether I see them outside in a garden, at home or on a table setting, they always brighten my mood with their beautiful array of colors and delightfully scented aroma.  With Easter around the corner I decided to get creative and make my own flower arrangement. This way I not only add my own creative touch, but I also save money. Here’s how I put together my flowers in a birdcage.

-Armie : )

What You’ll Need


Step by Step


1. Cut the foam by trimming the sides to create a cylinder like shape.

2. Wrap moss around the foam.


3. Place the foam and moss in the cage.

4. Add water to the foam. Make sure the foam is completely soaked. Cut the stems of the flowers and stick them into the wet foam. Continue filling up the foam with flowers until you have a full bouquet.


5. Apply hot glue to the bottom of the bird.

6. Stick the bird onto the birdcage.


Voila! Flowers in a birdcage.


Author: lifestyleologie

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