Yummy Chicken Salad for Dinner

imageLast night I decided to keep things simple and make salad for dinner. This salad is so satisfyingly good and hits the spot. Here’s how I prepared it…

For the chicken…

I marinated the chicken breast with lemon juice, a little olive oil, salt & pepper and I add Italian seasoned bread crumbs. I let this sit for an hour in the fridge and then bake it in a convection oven at 350 degrees until the crumbs are slightly golden and the juices run clear. This chicken is so tender and juicy and pairs perfectly with the salad.

For the salad…

I add baby spinach, bell peppers (add any color you’d like), Persian cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, toasted pine nuts and pumpkin seeds all into a large salad bowl. I cut up the bell peppers, cucumbers into bite size pieces and the cherry tomatoes I cut them in half.  I squeeze the juice of one lemon right on top of all the ingredients and add some extra virgin olive oil. Add salt and pepper and mix it all up. I love my salad with an extra kick to it, so I add some red pepper flakes to mine.

Once the salad is mixed, add it onto a plate and top with the baked chicken. And there you have it, yummy chicken salad!

Armie : )

Author: lifestyleologie

We’re best friends from Los Angeles conquering the world one day at a time. Join us as we share our love for fashion, beauty, simple recipes and all things that make us smile.

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